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Why You Should Use Ledborough Associates

We passionately believe in providing an integrated approach between you, your organisation and the environment you are in. It is the combination of our business backgrounds and the duality of our approach that makes us unique.

Reasons for using our services include our approach, our USPs and real benefits to your bottom line.

1. Our Approach and USPs
At Ledborough Associates we provide a specialist approach with very special USPs. These include:

Commercial & Customer Focus: Independent and objective in our style of consultation, we are able to offer a range of interventions based on your specific needs. We prefer and actively seek long term partnerships with our clients and are committed to the long-term success of you and your organisation.

Independence: We are truly independent, not being tied to any particular branded products. We are able to present you with an extensive portfolio of products and services.

Developmental: Our approach promotes continuous growth, helping people to adapt and prosper in an ever-changing environment.

Diversity: Our services range from a single assessment/coaching session to facilitation of group or larger scale initiatives. We are able to provide this breadth via our core team and expert associates.

Progressive: We monitor and evaluate our effectiveness to ensure continuous improvement and learning for ourselves and our clients.

Performance and Reward Recognition: We provide specialist reward and recognition services in the context of executive, leadership and team development.

2. Your Bottom Line Benefits
Ledborough Associates will help you improve your performance in the following areas:

Return on Investment: Show you how to achieve a genuine ROI (return on investment) on your executive coaching, leadership training, personal counselling and team development.

Recruitment and Development: Let us help you analyse and reduce how much time and money your organisation spends on recruiting and training staff?

Employee Turnover: How can you reduce this cost to your organisation? We can assist you.

Performance: What impact does mediocre and poor performance have on your life and bottom line?