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“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and help them to become what they are capable of being” – Goethe.

We provide a private and confidential service to those who would like or require individual counselling and advice. Our interventions are based upon sound psychological principles and can be on a 1:1 basis or can be using a wider circle - of family, work associates and friends.

Examples of our work include the areas of personal development, growth, plus anxiety and stress coping mechanisms, including the coming to terms with specific issues in your life. Examples include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD,) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Phobias. One Phobia we find frequently is the fear of travel including flying. Using our tried and tested techniques will usually alleviate or remove these barriers to a more successful and less stressful travel.

Ledborough Associates use Chartered Psychologists or other relevantly trained personnel to undertake our individual counselling programmes. We find that client requirements do vary and are often very different – there are few set patterns.

Some of our clients want a trained and fresh mind to talk through the issues they face either at work or at home to improve their understanding and performance. Others need more specialist help and we can, where agreed, talk these through and then help you find the relevant assistance.

Contact us with your requirements as each individual counselling programme is highly tailored to the needs of the client organisation and/or the individual(s) concerned.