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Team Development & Coaching for Performance

Team effectiveness lies at the heart of organisational performance. Team functioning can be simplified into task and people orientated behaviour. It is the successful balance of these factors that distinguishes the high performing team.

This is a major area of need for successfully competitive organisations and the sound commercial approach of Ledborough Associates involves Three Key Stages in our team development work:

Research and diagnosis to understand the specific areas of team functioning and the issues being faced.

Design and delivery of tailored programmes to address the specific needs of the team.

The all-important follow-up to ‘embed’ long-term change and sustained performance. The programme will be tailored to your needs but may cover areas such as - communication, vision and direction, intra and interpersonal relationships, team climate, strategic planning, innovative thinking, action and results, and dealing with change.

Contact us with your and ideas and requirements, as each team development programme is highly tailored to the needs of the client organisation, the desired performance criteria and the individual(s) concerned.