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Three Sample Case Studies & Client Comments

1. A Major Property Developer who required Executive Coaching & Development Assistance

We have recently assisted a well-known property development and management company with an executive coaching and development programme.

There was an identified need to further develop both the business and interpersonal skills of selected executives. This was achieved after detailed consultation with the company and then an 8-week programme with each individual executive.

This programme was judged to be “really very successful,” with especial positive comment about one executive who was selected to open up a new Far East office – an outcome identified as a major opportunity during the programme for both the organisation and the individual.

2. A Client with a Fear of Flying Phobia

Our client was unable to travel by aeroplane due to a major fear of flying.

We started a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) programme, which brought our client to a new self-understanding and the ability to fly whenever they wanted.

The CBT programme included the use of mnemonics and other proven techniques. The programme whilst not removing the fear of flying completely (very few in our view have that), has significantly lessened the trauma and allowed flying both short and long haul. The client said: “they felt released from the total numbing fear and felt like a new person.”


3. A Client with Personal Development Needs

Our client was a young person in their early twenties who needed assistance with their career and personal development. There were issues to be addressed over the level of education sought and their problems with dyslexia.

We assessed the current profile, aptitudes and personality of our client so that a development programme could be agreed and then started. We found that the current university course was not suited to this individual and we helped change career expectations to a far more positive and suited level.

Our client is now well underway in their new career path and believes that this would never have been possible but for the joint programme undertaken.