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Leadership Development

It used to be said that leaders were born and not made. More recent research has shown that excellent leaders can be nurtured through the use of specific development interventions. The armed services have known this for a long time and modern organisations can use both psychological and practical techniques to develop their current and next generation of leaders.

Ledborough Associates provides both individual and senior team leadership development programmes to our clients in both the private and public sectors.

We offer our programmes through a series of selective modular programmes for current and future leaders - aimed at enhancing outstanding leadership capability.

These programmes are therefore suitable for people making the transition into a leadership role, and for existing leaders to enhance their skills.

Topics include; personal awareness, emotional intelligence, communication skills, giving and receiving feedback, assertiveness, influencing and negotiating, strategic time and task management, situational leadership, strategic thinking, dealing with and facilitating change.

Contact us with your ideas and requirements. Each leadership development programme is highly tailored to the needs of the client organisation and/or the individual(s) concerned.