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Talent Management

The management of talent is now recognised as being a primary factor in the continued development and success of organisations, in this fast moving and ever growing competitive world. Annual Company Reports often include the statement that “their people are their greatest asset,” but how much measurement and management of those talents is really going on?

We believe that talent management is not only a primary but also critical factor in the sustainability and successful growth of all organisations. Talent management can be applied only to executives but this is missing out others throughout the organisation who should also be considered.

Ledborough Associates offer a comprehensive talent management service, which includes assessment of current programmes, including the use of specific interventions such as emotional intelligence and personality profiling. We then go on to develop detailed and agreed talent management programmes specifically for your organisation’s needs – whether these be in the public or private sector.

We design our talent management programmes so that they can use both your own internal and other external sources of assistance. We find that a culture of successful talent management soon grows and becomes self-perpetuating.

Contact us with your needs and requirements as we ensure that each talent management programme is highly tailored to the specific needs of the client organisation and/or the individual(s) concerned.