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HR Reward and Recognition

The key to successful company performance is to have executives motivated to achieve and outperform company objectives. The selection and talent development processes are highly important – but so too are other drivers such as the reward package and organisational climate/culture dictated by the leadership. It is our ‘exacting focus’ on the individual and the working environment that is the key! Nicholas Bennett

We offer Senior Executives a One Stop Shop Solution for your performance and reward needs, by providing professional and confidential services in the following areas:

Total Reward & Recognition Packages
We provide a total reward package assessment looking at such factors as base compensation, performance reward, medium and long term share plans, benefits including flexible benefits, and other specialist company remuneration items. We use our significant psychological expertise & personal reward consultancy experience to provide our analysis and review. This is usually in the context of the particular needs of senior executives.

Change Management Style & Strategies
We help you understand how you and others cope with change. This enables increased self-insight and the identification of possible ‘stressors,’ that may affect performance in times of uncertainty and ambiguity. Successful change management strategies can then be implemented. (Link)

Executive Coaching & Development
Great sports people and teams have ‘great coaches,’ to ensure peak performance. We offer the same for executives, teams and leaders, providing a safe supportive yet challenging environment for your talented people to stay at the top of their game. Development strategies focus on concrete, practical, high performance outcomes. (Link)

Leadership Development
We offer a series of modular programmes for leaders aimed at enhancing outstanding leadership capability. These programmes are suitable for people making the transition into a leadership role, and for existing leaders to ‘sharpen their saw.’ Programmes can be tailored to the unique needs of your business, but may typically include; communication skills, giving and receiving feedback, assertiveness, influencing and negotiating, strategic time and task management, situational leadership, strategic thinking, and dealing with/facilitating change. (Link)

HR Services
We provide senior level HR assistance in such areas as mergers and acquisitions, change management, employee relations, communications and pay, total reward and recognition. We also offer organisational health audits and proven methodologies to improve corporate success.

Role Profiling
We identify key competencies for successful performance in a particular role. A competency framework is developed along with key behavioural indicators. This then forms the basis for recruitment, selection, training and development in relation to the role. (Link)

Key Selection Assistance: Senior/Executive Assessment
We provide an objective one to one assessment of an individual in relation to a specific role. Assessments typically include emotional intelligence, communication, negotiation and leadership skills, and stress tolerance. An executive summary highlights key strengths, development needs and commercially oriented information. Coaching of the applicant once in post can be provided to support the development requirements.

Team Development & Personal Awareness
The importance of team development and personal awareness to organisational success is already well documented and proven. Ledborough Associates provide programmes tailored to your particular needs and can help design such programmes which fit and complement your organisational strategy. Team Development

Contact us with your ideas and requirements as each programme in this area is highly tailored to the needs of the client organisation and/or the individual(s) concerned.