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Change Management

Understanding how you and others cope with change, enables increased self-insight and, the identification of possible ‘stressors’ that may affect performance in times of uncertainty and ambiguity. Our successful change management strategies address these issues.

Ledborough Associates will assist you in the change management process you are facing, including training your management, other key personnel and your teams, to identify and resolve the psychological and related issues facing them.

Our team of experienced psychologists and HR professionals have major experience in this area and are able to help you quickly and of course confidentially.

Change comes in many various forms with at macro level acquisitions and divestments, outsourcing certain functions, internal business need changes and, individual need for change. We can help you successfully deal with these situations.

Contact us with your ideas and requirements as each change management programme is highly tailored to the needs of the client organisation, the commercial and employee relations situation and the individual(s) concerned.