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Individual Coaching & Mentoring
It is time that everyone had the availability of specialist coaching and mentoring, to help
them in their quest to develop their skills and abilities to the utmost. The use of coaching
has long been recognised as essential by the
sporting authorities and is a key service of Ledborough Associates, which is now
available to all.

Individual coaching and mentoring is probably the most important area for serious personal and commercial growth. We provide services to our private clients to the highest level. This is usually on a totally confidential basis.

A definition of coaching? Well, we think it is establishing with the client what is their reality today. Then we clearly define what are the client's aims and intentions for the future. The Coach works with the client to produce a plan of action that the client can follow with confidence.

When you see coaching you will recognize exactly what it is. It is the single most powerful, most methodical system ever devised for releasing individual human potential.

We recognize that in today’s environment, many people have highly pressurised roles in both their private and public lives. In the sporting arena, effective, high performing individuals and teams use their coach to assist them in overcoming barriers to maximize their potential – these barriers often being internal. Ledborough Associates offer the same support for you.

We provide a safe, supportive, yet challenging environment for you to unleash your potential and stay at the top of your game.

We use tested and proven coaching and mentoring techniques usually through our Three Phase Approach (TPA) including additional self awareness through in-depth interviews, personality profiling plus other tools which can be used to facilitate detailed assessment. From this initial assessment, the resulting development strategies focus on concrete, practical and high performance outcomes as required.

Contact us with your ideas and requirements as each programme is highly tailored to meet your needs.