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Personality Profiling

Personality profiling is a tool that helps people to understand themselves and their behaviours. It also helps you to appreciate others so as to make constructive use of individual differences.

Organisations regularly use personality profiling for communicating more effectively, solving organisational or personal problems, improving teamwork, achieving conflict resolution and understanding and adapting to different management styles.

Ledborough Associates provide personality profiling services both for individuals and for team situations.

We use a number of personality instruments ranging from the tried and tested Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the RB Cattell’s 16 PF (16 Personality Factors) Questionnaire, through to newer psychometrics like Professor Hogan’s HDS and Professor Saville’s Wave . Please note that we are not test publishers so can choose the most appropriate test for your needs.

Once the assessment is completed detailed reports are then provided, tailored both for the individual and where appropriate for the organisation.

Contact us with your ideas and requirements as each personality profiling exercise is highly tailored to the needs of the client organisation and/or the individual(s) concerned.