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Career Management & Vocational Guidance

Everyone of us has particular talents and skills which are often latent and not known until drawn out and enhanced by specialist career management and vocational guidance techniques. You can benefit from our service almost at any time of life, whether young or young at heart.

Career management & vocational guidance offers individuals personal time and specialist help in the development of their life and their current and future career.

Ledborough Associates use a range of specialist techniques to help you in your personal development programme. This normally starts with an assessment of current skills, personality and aspirations. We then jointly agree the next stage, which is the implementation of your personalised development programme over an agreed time-span.

We ensure that your progress and development is regularly monitored and measured, so that you have the necessary feedback on your progress and work towards your own goals.

Contact us with your ideas and requirements, as each career management & vocational guidance programme is highly tailored to the needs of the individual(s) concerned.